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22-year old Singaporean Ignored Her Parent's Advice And Successfully Funded Kickstarter Project Quiver

December 14, 2018

Mandy Chan (22),  SMU undergrad and co-founder of BOW, shares how she took a flight for business alone 3 years ago and started a Kickstarter project, Quiver, that got funded 100% within 12 hours.

“Travelling alone at 19 was quite scary. Before I started on this journey, I only had one chop on my passport – Malaysia – and that was with family.” - Mandy

Mandy, 19 at that point of time, ignored her parent's advice and took a leap of faith to pursue a goal. Education is important in her family but even more for her passion to create. With minimal savings, her parents cut off her allowance in hope to deter her from where she is today. Outgoing and Sporty is exactly who Mandy is, but one day, she was fed up of something.

"I love going to the gym but carrying two bags is a hassle and a serious fashion disaster. Sometimes, my shoe bag has a smell that makes me embarrassed when meeting friends"

Her result? She created Quiver

Quiver, an affordable multi-purpose bag, is the result of 2 years of her hard work, rejections and achievements. More than just a gym bag, it is designed to fit more than 20 items including a 13-inch Macbook. Quiver is designed to fit every aspect of your life. Say goodbye to carrying a shoe bag everywhere you go and accelerate your lifestyle with this multi purpose bag. It is better than a sling bag, with a enhanced functionality – multi compartments for shoes, toiletries and even comes with a front card access slot on the strap.

So, what else can my Quiver do? 

There is no gym bag that is as resistant as this bag. Splash-proof, Water-proof, Dirt-proof, Quiver have it all.

Going to Hiking or Biking? We got your bag ;)

Going for a Swim or Outdoor water sports? We got your bag ;)


Did we forget to mention the Music Pouch? You wouldn't want to touch your phone with all that sweat on you!

With so much utility, Mandy did not sacrifice any fashion in her design process for Quiver. With the G Hook strap, you can carry the bag as a backpack, sling bag OR even a shoe bag!

Hang It or Sling It

Side Water Bottle Pouch

Since her first launch, Mandy have been rushing to get stocks delivered to everyone as soon as she can. Quiver owners have nothing but good reviews after they replaced their bag.

Is Quiver Worth Every Value of Your Money? No, its worth More.

This multi bag is designed to replace your backpack and shoe bag all at once. Buying a decent backpack with quality these days will cost you more than $70, and with a shoe bag... It might cost you over $100. The worst part? It starts to smell bad and spoil after 2 months. See real testimonials below from satisfied Quiver owners after they made the right decision.



Ho Ho Ho... We're gifting You something Special this Christmas!

This Christmas, Mandy is taking it one step further for you to bring a Quiver back home. Limited Edition Navy Blue is on sale (not for long) together with a Free Embroidery until 25th December. (Yes, thats right, you can have your name or your partner's name on it) We are dead serious on Limited edition and will stop producing Navy Blue Quivers by 25th December so get yours NOW.

*Be sure to order before 20th December (for Singapore purchases) to get it before Christmas! 

Simply use "BOWXMAS18"  at your checkout and you're all set to change the way you look, walk, gym and much more!

We hope to see you in the BOW family! <3