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This Is Why The Quiver Design Is Absolutely Genius... (Attention sportsperson!)

May 16, 2019


The world’s first multi-bag: multifunctional, multipurpose and for all activities, the guys at BOW designed Quiver behind the concept that life should be seamless, and we are all not bound by just one activity.

3 years ago, Co-Founder, Mandy started a Kickstarter project, Quiver, that got funded 100% within 12 hours!!


But just why are people raving so much about this bag?!


Smart Use Of Storage Space Lets You Pack Everything You'll Need

"You Can't Possibly Fit Everything In That Small Bag..."

...that's what people think with normal bags.

But Quiver isn't normal.

It was designed thoughtfully to maximize space in the bag...

...so that you can fit your gym equipment, sportswear or office wear. 


Don't trouble yourself to swap bags for different occasions...

...having to pack and unpack belongings is a waste of your time.



"How the h*ll did that small bag fit everything?".

 No surprises - we get that reaction a lot.


Keep Only What's Necessary. That's How You Make It Practical But Incredibly Fashionable.

Bags try to do too many things...

Sometimes, these bags got too many zippers or compartments...

...and for no good reason at all.


At Bow, we only add features to the bag if it provides sufficient real utility and value to the user.

1. Sling, Backpack, Handcarry - Your Choice, Your Style.

Have the option to carry using the detachable strap or handle, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Hang It or Sling It



2. Swivel Clasp Release

The ultra-smooth swivel clasp offers peak level convenience and comfort. It auto-rotates a full 180º to conform precisely to your size and body movement, adjusting constantly so you don't have to. 

To unclip your Quiver bag, simply slide the one-touch release to have it uncouple instantly!

One-Touch Release Button
One-Touch Release Button



3. Never-Wet Phone & Music Pouch

Your favorite tunes and important phone calls are always close at hand with our internal Music Pouch. Swipe away without worry as the Music Pouch protects your device from wet hands, sweat, and moisture.


Touch-Sensitive Fabric
Touch-Sensitive Fabric


4. Quick Access Pockets For Smart Living

Some essentials just have to be kept a zip away. We designed a quick access compartment right at the front to enable easy access to your phone, wallet, keys and everything else you need on a daily basis. The depth of this quick access compartment was meticulously tested time and time again to achieve a perfect depth and store your pocket-sized items. Quiver includes a convenient side water bottle pouch, capable of holding bottles up to 500ml sizes.
Quick Access Pouch
Quick Access Pouch
Front-facing card slot
Front-facing card slot
Side Water Bottle Pouch
Side Water Bottle Pouch


5. Repels All Sorts Of Dirt & Water - Super Resistant.




Who is Quiver for?



Is Quiver Worth Every Value of Your Money?

This multi-bag is designed to replace your backpack and shoe bag all at once. Buying a decent backpack with quality these days will cost you more than $100, and with a shoe bag... It might cost you over $150. The worst part? 

It starts to smell bad and spoil after 2 months. See real testimonials below from satisfied Quiver owners after they made the right decision.



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We hope to see you in the BOW family! <3 - Founder of BOW, Mandy Chan