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April 05, 2021

Our first post will be dedicated to what Quiver is.

BOW’s founder Mandy was frustrated with carrying too many bags, she decided to invent one bag that fits all. That’s how the Quiver was born.

Quiver compartments

The world’s first multi-bag: multifunctional, multipurpose and for multiple activities, the guys at BOW designed Quiver behind the concept that life should be seamless, and we are all not bound by just one activity. We designed it for all of the travel, sports and work. We realised that most people carry many different bags when they go to the gym, their workout, yoga, sports and even dance.

Faced with the dilemma of squeezing our shoes into an everyday bag versus carrying an additional shoe bag that limits movement, the obvious question was: Why not have a dedicated compartment for everything you need for the day?

Named after the satchel which hunters carry their ammunition of choice, Quiver removes the hassles and put everything effortlessly into one bag, where you can carry items like laptops, toiletries, water bottles, clothes and even your phone into dedicated compartments so that your life is more organised.

  Quiver on the streets

We wanted a bag that can carry all your needs when you engage in multiple activities. Sleek and compact at 10.2L, the 3-in-1 bag can also be carried in a number of ways, you can sling it over your shoulder, sling it across your chest, add-on an additional strap to make it into a backpack, or strip off all the straps to make it hand-carry.

Made from strong storm-resistant nylon, the Quiver is splash proof and has two dedicated compartments to separate different activities for your day.

According to Mandy and the 678 backers behind her, “all your ammunition for the day should fit in one bag, not all over the place”.

If you had a Quiver, what adventures would you like to go for? Share your story.