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April 03, 2020

More than ever, face masks are becoming part of our everyday lifestyle. They are considered an essential when we need to head out of our house or even staying at home taking care of a loved one. However, there are times when you keep your mask. So, the question comes:

Where should you store your face masks?

  1. Your bag

     Stuffing the mask into our bags can be a convenient option. After all, it’s just for that few hours, right? Wrong! By the time we are done with our meal or workout session, our new masks may have already been infected with different viruses as it’s exposed to the surroundings. We suggest changing your disposable mask entirely to be 100% safe.

    Pro-tip: Use a reusable mask as opposed to a disposable one so that you can alternate between masks, instead of living with the guilt of disposing your masks every single day. In the long run, these disposable masks can even save you money than buying disposables. Need a reusable mask? Check these out. 

    1. Ziplock / Plastic Bags

    The most obvious choice would be to reach out for one of these air-sealed bags. Not only are they low-cost, they are super lightweight and can be sealed at the top. This prevents viruses such as the COVID-19 virus from entering the bags and infecting the mask when you aren’t wearing them.

    However, these bags are hardly reusable. Since it’s meant to be disposable, the ziplock bags will soon develop wear and tear after a few washing – if you really want to reuse them. Since it takes four times as much water to clean a plastic bag as it does to make a new one, we suggest just changing your ziplock bags every single day instead. It is more hygienic too.







    Pro tip: Use dish soap and a clean sponge to sanitize your ziplock bags. Then rinse it with cool or warm water at the end of the day to make sure your ziplock bags remain squeaky clean – if not cleaned properly, germs such as Covid-19 viruses can survive in your zip lock bags up to nine days, according to one study of coronaviruses 

    3. Reusable bags with air-sealed features 

    When we think of reusable bags, the first thing that comes to mind are cloth tote bags used to bag groceries. However, these bags are simply too big to put a couple of masks and the fact that it’s open-air doesn’t allow for any prevention of cross-contamination with the outside air.

    Imagine a bag that has the same amazing qualities as a normal ziplock but reusable up to 10 times. Or even 100 times. Through the durable nylon material construction, the bag’s fabric is able to withstand 100 machine washes. This makes it even cleaner for you to store your mask than hand washing your mask. Enter Nock Pouch Mini. 

    Pro tip:If you’re looking for a reusable ziplock bag that is machine-washable up to 100 times and can safeguard your new masks from germs, check out our newest collection: Nock Pouch Mini.   

    Nock Pouch Mini is...

    • Airtight: Safeguard your mask from germs in the surrounding air
    • Waterproof: Spill a drink and your masks still remains dry for your next use
    • Machine-washable: Sanitised to the highest degree
    • Reusable: Up to 100 times
    • Lightweight: 10g

    Find out more about Nock Pouch Mini here !