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Give these slightly-blemished but otherwise brand new Quiver v1 and v2 a second chance. With only minor cosmetic defects, each bag is 100% functional and never-before-sold to meet your daily gear needs.

Stocks are limited and because of the markdown, are not covered by our Lifetime Warranty.But fret not, you can reach out to us for maintenance advice!

Sold out

Sold out

Slightly blemished, not bruised.

Minor cosmetic defects are mainly on the waterproof shower compartment, no larger than the size of your pinky. While we always deliver the best in our products, sometimes sh*t happens. But that does not mean these "rejects" don't deserve a second chance. All of the crowd-favourite features of Quiver are in-tact, functional and have never-been-sold.  

Ventilated Shoe Compartment

No funkiness, just a simple great place to put your shoes away - neatly.

Waterproof Shower Compartment with Touch-Sensitive Pouch

No toiletry spillage, no wet clothes, no wet bag and no missed calls. The waterproof shower compartment keeps everything in its place.

Multiple Ways of Carrying

Grab it, sling it, backpack it. However you need it for your day, you choose.


How will I know the defect I am receiving when I place an order?

All of the defects found in this batch of Quivers are on the touch-sensitive pouch, in the waterproof shower compartment. It measures no larger than the size of your pinky and does not affect any functionalities of the bag.

Can I choose a specific defect that I am okay with having?

Different colours of the Quiver has different "stain intensity" on the touch-sensitive pouch. We will be uploading the defects onto each colour for more clarity, to help you make an informed purchase!

Can I add-on straps when I make my purchase?

You most definitely can!