Detachable Dopp Kit with Pytho

Regular price $67.00 SGD Sale price $1.34 SGD

For a limited time only, get Pytho's Detachable Dopp Kit at a staggeringly low price of only SG$1.34/US$1 and will be valid upon successful backing of Pytho on launch day.

The Detachable Dopp Kit will be an add-on item for Pytho, at SG$67/US$45 - a whopping 98% OFF! Do note that you will need to back the project on Kickstarter until the end of the campaign to be able to redeem the Detachable Dopp Kit at this super low price.

The Detachable Dopp Kit is valid for a maximum of 2 pieces per customer and will be referenced on our Kickstarter backer's list for the successful backing of the project.

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