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BOW Trade-In Programme 2020

Upgrade your Quiver into Quiver X

A gift from us to you


Ever since the first backpack, we received countless feedback and made improvements to our existing ones.

Today, we want to give back to our long-time supporters by upgrading your Quiver to the latest Quiver X.


Trade in your eligible Quiver for up to 35% off Quiver X. If it doesn’t have trade-in value, you can have it recycled responsibly for free. No matter the condition, we can turn it into something good for you and others.


It is easy to turn your Quiver in

Step 1:Let us know your availability on either dates (22 or 23 August 2020) by filling up the form below. We will allocate a slot to you shortly after your response, via email. Be sure to check your email!

Step 2: Simply bring down your existing Quiver on your allocated slot.

Step 3: We will tell you the trade-in value and
you’ll have the option to pick Quiver X, colour of your choice.

Step 4: Just top up the difference between the
trade-in value and retail price.

Step 5: Walk away with a brand new Quiver X


If you’re recycling, you can drop it off at Bow.

Whatever way you choose, it’s always free for you.


Qn: What if i cant make it down?
If you are unable to make it down, email to let us know and we will arrange a separate plan for you.

Qn: What are the payments you accept?
We accept Cash, credit card (visa + master), PayNow, Activewallet. 

Qn: Where will the bags go if they can’t be sent to a charity organisation?
When we receive your bag, it will be thoroughly checked to determine if the bag can be donated. If it is in no condition to be donated, the bag will be sent for recycling. Whether recycled or donated, all activities relating to the bag will be handled in a responsible way.

Qn: How long does the trade in process take?
The whole process is estimated to take 15-20mins.

Qn: How do I know which discount I am applicable for?
To be eligible for the discount that is up to 35%, the condition of your bag should be still good and donatable. If Quiver can’t be donated, your bag will be assessed based on its condition. Things that we will be looking out for includes, but not limited to, scratches, stains, faulty zippers.

Qn: What are the precautions taken given the onset of the pandemic?
We are keeping to an hourly cap of maximum 5 participants. We will also be sanitizing the area hourly.