Quiver X: The Next Big Thing

After being burnt so badly, you might ask why I keep persisting in this path. Well, I can only tell you that Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times before his idea worked. As he famously mentioned, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".

Thankfully, I did not have to get burnt 10,000 times in business!

Quiver X: The Next Big Thing

"I was asked to be a chicken rice seller after sharing my dreams to my teacher once."
- CK, Co-Founder.

8 years ago, CK got himself into a 6-figure debt from a failed business venture and tasted multiple failures,

UNTIL he founded BOW in 2016.

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My BOW journey continues...

Putting on Hold

When I was 22, my family and I went on a trip to Hong Kong. People say that dim sum is the best food there, but I tried something that tasted even better. It was so heavenly that it prompted the young and rash me to bring the dish to Singapore. I felt as though I've hit upon an idea that could really become a trend (like Bubble Tea). I was so excited and started working on it. Having no experience in the F&B industry, I was at a disadvantage as I had no idea what to do/where to start. I decided to put my studies on hold and commit to this dream full time.

Burning Up

I was burnt from my first F&B venture – physically, emotionally and financially. 3 years of waking up at 6am and sleeping at 2-3am really ruined my body. Furthermore, many of my friends had distanced from me in those 3 years. To top it off, I accrued a debt of 6-figures! But I chose to continue in this path and wait for it... with another F&B venture (I know, you must be thinking I am crazy)!Things were going great at one point in time, but it all came crashing down due to partnership issues.

Launching Off

After working tirelessly withMandy Xinyi Chan (I still remember the initial meet up when I was skeptical of this 19 year old) for the past one year, I am proud to finally say that I have just launched my own Kickstarter Campaign (http://kck.st/2ppPR0g). It's the result of all my past experiences, hardships and hard work and I'm so glad that I've managed to get to this point creating a company called BOW.



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Nison C.


In terms of size, functionality and design, Quiver has been perfect for me. It served me well during my overseas trips under the rough terrain and weather. The water repellent material and water proof zips was key to that. And of course the compartments that could store the usual traveller’s items without any worry.

Claire A.


Travelling with my@bowforbold quiver bag this morning and It’s like my transition bag coz it could fit all my items today from the shoes, clothes and medal Yaaaaay! 💓